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Kanji of the day

In sight of me deciding to learn Japanese I have decided to start a project called Kanji of the day. In this project I will seek out a kanji everyday that means something to me or that I find useful to know. I in no way intent to affend anyone with this so if there are any mistakes please inform me about it and I will be happy to make to corrections.

Learning new languages

A couple of days ago I decided to start learning Japanese, and so far I have found it quite furfilling and fun. I started learning this because of my general curiosity for the language and my desire to play Monster Hunter XX on my 3ds which was only released in japan on likely to only be released in japan. Ofcourse I can use a fan translation but I want to play the game in it's desired language. I might start a challenge for my self like posting a japanese word a day or a japanese sentance day. At this time I have only learned about half of hiragana but I im planning and learning the writing system first then go on to grammer and speaking.

Added photos to gallery